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audio CDs for Dance Class by

percussionist / dance musician John Hanks

Featuring compositions in a variety of styles and tempi. Ideal for use as musical accompaniment for Jazz, Modern, Tap... or ??!  The cuts are all drums and rhythm; no lyrics or tunes.  Selections are composed/improvised and maintain a consistent energy and meter throughout.

"....The "Here Come the Drums," "Drumjazz," and "Percussion Jams for Dance" offer great variety and energy for our classes. Keep Recording...PLEASE! Our students enjoy it - actually prefer it to the top "pop" music. I appreciate that there isn't a forced/imposed emotional component. Thank you!!"

"I like your work very much, have used it in many classes, and at many convention classes. I have turned my colleagues on to it, as well. Two are tappers - works so well for tap."

"I think your music is fantastic for dance classes. I even use them for Ballet for something different for the kids."

"I used the "Here Comes the Drum" CD for across the floor steps, as a sub in a some summer ballet classes. Students LOVED it. They said, "Is this CD made for ballet class?". I said, "Uh, no, not really. But it's for dancing... any kind and fun dancing." Love, the music... make more CD's."

Here Come the Drums - music for dance

16 cuts, 73+ minutes of music. Click on each title to download a short mp3 excerpt. These are low fidelity samples for faster downloading; the CD sound is excellent. They will, hopefully, give you an idea of tempo, meter, style, etc.

Prelude, Rhumba Gumbo, Ron's Reggae, Push , Latin Jazz Rock , Exotica, Tabla Funk, Electric Beat, Reggae, Man, Samba Fun, the Mystic, Indigo, Drumstick, Mix1, Mix2, Mix3

$15.00 each

Drumjazz - grooves for dance and movement

11 cuts, 73+ minutes of music. Mastered in HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital) for a really great sound! Click on each title to download a short mp3 excerpt. These are low fidelity samples for faster downloading; the CD sound is excellent. They will, hopefully, give you an idea of tempo, meter, style, etc.

Jose, Jiga, Slobeat, Drumwaltz #1, Palms Down, Drumwaltz #2, Faze 1, Drumwaltz #3, Bongotabla, Drumwaltz #4, Synth Thing

$15.00 each

John Hanks and Ken Ray Wilemon - Percussion Jams for Dance

New CD by percussionists John Hanks and Ken Ray Wilemon. John and Ken have been faculty musicians at the American Dance Festival for many years. This is an improvisational CD with a real "live" sound, Perfect for technique class or creative movement. 53 minutes of music. Titles mostly reflect the general feel of the piece; please listen to the demos. Read artist bios

Medium 4/4, Medium Waltz, Tango, Slow 6, Fast Waltz, Latin Rock, Djun Djun, Slow Waltz, Fives, Unprepared Jig

$15.00 each

Each CD is priced in US dollars. Shopping cart will add $6 shipping and handling to US, $10 to Canada (1-3 CDs). Credit card payments (VISA/MC/AMEX/Discover) are processed by CCNow (click on their logo below for more information). Orders usually shipped immediately, but please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery for US/Canada. If you have other questions or concerns, please email me at: jhanks "at" duke.edu (replace "at" with "@") .
****Please note: CDs are not returnable unless damaged in transit. Due to the ease with which they can be copied, this is not an option. Please use the online sound bites to help in your decision to buy. If you have a questions, please contact me. ****

John Hanks, working and living in the Durham/Raleigh, North Carolina area, is a percussionist who has worked with dancers since 1979. He is Music Director, playing percussion instruments and piano for Modern, Jazz and Ballet, for the Duke University Dance Program; is a long time musician at the American Dance Festival in Durham, NC as well as ADF/Henan, China, 2012 & 2014; and was percussionist at the Jazz Dance World Congress (USA) from 1991-2002. His experience outside of dance includes being adjunct percussion faculty for the Duke University Music Department from 1985-2012, and a busy performance schedule with area Jazz and Classical music ensembles. John's music has many influences, especially the myriad of dancers and teachers who have inspired and encouraged him. Special thanks to many, including: Rebecca Hutchins, Jose Meier, Clay Taliaferro, Gus and Nan Giordano, Bernard Johnson, Alvin McDuffy, M'Liss Dorrance, Frank Holder, and Audrey Tischler.

Ken Ray Wilemon: Percussionist, composer; painter: has accompanied dance at Texas Christian University, University of Texas at Austin, Connecticut College, Hollins University and White Mountain Summer Dance Festival (ongoing); appeared with Stage West, Hip Pocket and Jubilee Theaters in Ft. Worth; created the soundscape for the Duke Theatre production of Helen in 1999; performed with songwriter/singers Anne Hills, Karen Tyler, and Illene Weiss while living in Austin; appeared on Korean National Public TV as part of the ADF Korea '91-92; extensive touring and recording with Nashville guitarist/producer/author Robin Crow on the Creator and Electric Cinema CDs; periodically records with songwriter Val Davis in Philly; has also worked locally with the North Carolina-based improvisational collective "them" and with the Even Exchange Dance Company ; currently staff accompanist at Meredith College, Duke University, and the St. Mary's School; ADF faculty since '88

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